Personalised Heart Health Fingerprint
Heart topography illustration
Heart topography illustration

Our approach is to place diagnostics in people's hands at the point-of-need.

Visualisation of the lubdub remote monitoring approach
Heart health information is instantaneously acquired and indexed with advanced data analytics
Specialists in any location can review results to perform screening and diagnosis

We have a portfolio of products that can precisely map heart health, while being versatile for independent screening use.

lubdub product portfolio

Our team combines engineering, manufacturing, clinical expertise, and corporate governance to rapidly translate innovative technologies to accelerate heart health diagnosis

We are driven by a singular purpose: using technology to make healthcare accessible to everyone
Photo of Nikhilesh Bappoo
Dr Nikhilesh Bappoo
GAICD, PhD, MPE, BPhil (Hons)
Co-Founder and Director

Healthtech innovator and company director specialising in cardiovascular research and medical device commercialisation.

Photo of Professor Girish Dwivedi
Professor Girish Dwivedi
Co-Founder and Director

Multimodal cardiac imaging specialist and clinician, experienced in applying clinical expertise to address critical patient needs.

Photo of Professor Sharath Sriram
Professor Sharath Sriram
PhD, MEng, BE
Co-Founder and Director

Researcher and prolific inventor driving rapid translation and commercialisation of advanced electronics and futuristic sensors for medical technologies.

Photo of Professor Sharath Sriram
Jamie Davison
MIntEcon&F, CPA, GAICD, BCom, BBusMan
Chief Financial Officer

Shifted paradigms in online bookkeeping as co-founder of Carbon Group. Supporting and mentoring growth of multiple technology start-ups and not-for-profits.